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Web sites accessibility, Quality & Ergonomics

Innotic assists you in providing access to people with disabilities. Auditor and independent accessibility labelling organization for WCAG, you will get here assistance in this process.

Mobile Accessibility

To meet the increase in Internet access from smartphones and tablets, Innotic brings its expertise in the development of websites compatible with mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Leading you through the structuration and readability of you web site, Innotic helps you improve your visibility in Web search engines, using the Semantic Web and SEO.

Technology audit and management consulting

With its expensive experience in innovative technologies of ICT and surrounded by recognized experts in the field, Innotic brings to your company an independent view on your technology assets and management consulting for innovative projects.

Use of innovative technologies of Web 2.0

Mastering the innovative tools of Web 2.0 (PHP Framework, CMS, Ajax, ...), Innotic develops customized sites or adapts your CMS to your needs (Wordpress, Drupal, ...) by responding to advanced requirements for performance and safety.

Free software encouragement

Innotic encourages the community through contributions to many open-source programs and is actively involved in initiatives for non-commercial alternatives.