About us

Innotic is a consulting firm in innovative technologies. It helps companies and their teams in the development of their Internet strategy.

First mission: The web quality

Its first goal is to be the preferred choice for quality on the Internet:
  • ergonomics: making navigation clear,
  • accessibility: providing access to everybody,
  • adaptive web: offering versions for mobile devices,
  • semantic Web and SEO: being seen by search engines,
  • safety and performance: ensuring trust and availability.

Second mission: Technical expertise

Innotic works with you to assist, advise, train or coordinate your teams and other stakeholders:
  • R&D engineering: turning your ideas into projects,
  • web design and development: sharing our know-how to bring your projects to life,
  • software architecture: ensuring sound and sustainable technical choices,
  • databases: improving database conception for better indexing and performance, ...

Third mission: Supporting companies

Innotic provides support to entrepreneurs for strategic and operational management:
  • project management: building your innovations action plan,
  • team supervision: supporting the project leader in leading the operational teams,
  • knowledge management : enabling your company to capitalize on its own knowledge,
  • industrialization: reducing future production costs,
  • audit, monitoring and forecasting: analyzing the present to anticipate the future.